5 Kitchen Tips To Make Your Work In Jiffy
5 Kitchen Tips To Make Your Work In Jiffy

Sometimes people sweat when they do kitchen work. Although it doesn't take long to see the kitchen work, it takes a long time to do it and it's difficult. Many people spend a lot of time working in the kitchen, and some people come out quickly. Now today we will tell you about some kitchen hacks that will make your work easier and easier to finish in a short time. Let us know.

* If water comes out of the lid of the pressure cooker frequently and everything gets dirty around it, you can try this remedy. In fact, when keeping the lentils in the pressure cooker for boiling, add a small steel bowl to it. By doing this, the lentils will not boil and only the steam will come out of the cooker whistle.

* You can store drumstick like a pea. Yes, for this, you peel the drumstick pods and cut them into small pieces and place them in an air-tight container and place them in the freezer. Such ease is at least 1. It will last more than 5 months.

* If your kitchen scissors are not working well and have a weak edge, run the scissors in a saltbox for two to three minutes. This will make your scissor edge sharp.

* If the moisture comes into the salt jar and all the salt gets wet, put the rice seeds in the jar to remove the moisture. Rice grains absorb moisture and press out salt as it is heavy. This makes the salt easier to get out.

* Put garlic cloves in hot water for a while to peel garlic easily. After a while, when you peel the garlic, just cutting the top without any effort will remove the whole peel.


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