Know 6 things about Shawn Mendes documentary 'In Wonder' on Netflix
Know 6 things about Shawn Mendes documentary 'In Wonder' on Netflix

Recently, Shawn Mendes drops in his documentary In Wonder on Netflix. Fans are so curious to know many things about it and gonna love to watch it. The documentary follows Shawn on his world tour and opens up regarding his stardom, relationships, and musical future. The pop star's girlfriend Camila Cabello will also be seen gradually in the doc and you definitely want to see what she reveals. Shawn is all set to drop his upcoming album Wonder, which will be released on December 4. So before you decide to tune in here’s what you can expect. 

1. Firstly, the documentary gives you 75+ minutes of unique access to Shawn including never-before-scene footage.

2. Camila the girlfriend shares her side of the story on how she and Shawn met and when they really hit it off.

3. The popstar takes you on a personal tour of his hometown house in Toronto, where he made all of those Vine videos that went viral.

4. You also get to meet Shawn’s adorable sister Aaliyah. She shares what Shawn thought about becoming famous before hitting it big himself.

5. Watching the emotional turmoil that Shawn goes through over canceling one tour date is heartbreaking.

6. Shawn then opens up the pages to his incredibly personal manifestation journal and lastly, you’ll get to rewatch THAT shower scene over and over again.

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