Meet the dreaded lady dons of India

On hearing the name of the gangster, an image emerges in the minds of all of us, that is of most men. However, there are some women who made their mark in the Indian underworld. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about the women gangsters who have made their names in the list of notorious criminals due to illegal business.

Heroine aka Rubina Siraj Syed ...

Rubina is included in this list and it is said that Rubina's personality was very charming. Rubina used to supply arms, money, and food to the gang members of Chhota Shakeel inside the jail, and she had connections with many big people and she used to carry out all her misdeeds under his guidance.

Seema Parihar…

Kidnapped Seema had become a dacoit at the age of just 13 and during this time she also formed her own gang. Along with her gang, she carried out many murders, kidnapping, and robbery. She used to call herself inspired by Phoolan Devi. While Seema was also seen in the TV show Bigg Boss. She is currently a member of the Samajwadi Party.

Archana Balmukund Sharma ...

Archana, a member of the Bablu Srivastava gang, known as Kidnapping King of India, was involved in many kidnapping and threats and illegal businesses and is said to still run her business in other countries. Whereas no one has any news about the whereabouts of Archana, who runs a gang spread across many parts.

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