These places in Delhi are best for romance

If you are planning to visit and are going to Delhi for a hike, today we have brought you some places from Delhi where you will enjoy going. Here you can go with your partner as there will be a lot of romantic atmospheres and both of you will love it.

Hauz Khas Village- Hauz Khas Village is becoming the best place for couples in today's times. In fact, if you love nature, you will definitely like Hauz Khas village. Yes, because it is a good combination of modernity and history. Moreover, the winter season is special for a partner to hang out with as there is a different feeling of joy at this time.

To make the day memorable with your partner, you can visit Dear Park near Hauz Khas Village. Yes, because the atmosphere of deer, rabbits and ducks here gives a romantic moment. If you are animal lovers, this place is no less than a treat for you.

By the way, all of you must have visited Dilli Haat many times, so you would know why this place is the best to spend moments with your partner. Yes, this is a place where couples can comfortably go on a date and spend some special moments. Here are the best options from food to shopping.

Mehrauli Archaeological Site presents Delhi or History. Yes and if you really want to know about Delhi, you must go here. In fact, here you can spend a few moments with your partner peacefully. With this, you can start a good day with Garden of 5 Senses. Actually, this is not only a park but many interesting activities keep going on here which is excellent.

If you are going to Jammu then don't forget to visit Tawi.

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