Know why criminals are hanged before sunrise!

Sep 17 2019 09:39 AM
Know why criminals are hanged before sunrise!

We all must have seen in the movies and in real life that any criminal is hanged in the morning, though sometimes you must have wondered why everyone gets the death penalty only before sunrise. Today we are sharing with you the reason for this.

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Before the accused is hanged, the jail administration asks the culprit his last wish. But the prisoner's wish must be according to the jail manual, only then it is fulfilled. While the executioner, before hanging, would tell the accused to forgive him, Ram-Ram to the Hindu brothers and salute to the Muslim brothers. What can we do, we are the slaves of orders.

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After hanging, the culprit is allowed to hang for 10 minutes and after that, the team of doctors checks whether the accused has died, only after the death is confirmed, the culprit is lowered. Let us tell you that the presence of jail superintendent, executive magistrate and executioner is also necessary at the time of hanging and if there is no one in them, no one can hang the culprit.

The time of hanging is in the morning because, under the jail manual, all the work of the jail is done only after sunrise and the rest of the jail functions are not affected due to the hanging, so the prisoner gets hanged in the morning. After hanging, the body is handed over to his family.

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