Know colours which are best for home decor based on your zodiac sign
Know colours which are best for home decor based on your zodiac sign

Colours play a major role in our lives and it doesn't applicable to our wardrobe and attire, but we should also paint our home according to the colours that suit our personality. We look more confident in it. 

Home walls painted in the same boring colours then our abode also speaks about our personality. It makes the place cosier and welcoming for the guests. 

Aries- Big and bold

You are an enthusiastic personality so opt for colours to look bright, but you need them to be catchy. If you want this to be more catchy, then use yellow or orange or neutral grey with red to accentuate the look.

Taurus- Playful and bright

You are associated with earthy tones like light shades of pink or pastel green are for you. This will brighten up your room and make it look playful. But you can also use light brown, aquamarine and turquoise with them.

Gemini- Gentle and cool

Shades of silver are perfect for you. You can also incorporate some pastel shades with it.

Leo- Striking

You are highly confident like to be in the spotlight. So, a striking colour will be catchy and grab other's attention. So, toasty orange colour with yellow or gold is a great option for you to paint your rooms.

Virgo- Grounded

They can opt for forest green and dark brown. These colours will reveal your personality properly.

Libra- Warm and sophisticated

Their home will always have a cosy vibe that will make people comfortable. So, Librans should paint crème or blush pink as it shows empathy, romance, spirit and life.

Scorpio- Dark and moody

Scorpio is passionate, secretive and mysterious. Black coloured walls will always attract them as it can express your passionate nature. Along with that, ivory, maroon, crimson tones also suit you.

Sagittarius- Inspiring and Intelligence

Bold and striking colour is more of there choice that will exhibit growth, honesty, inspiration, truth. So, you should go for dark green and navy-blue shades.

Capricorn- Simple and minimalistic

They are a simple and minimalistic person, so they like more neutral colours, white, grey, brown, ivory, beige represent your personality well.

Aquarius- Different and bold

Turquoise, deep red, pale yellow are the ones which will represent your uniqueness and unconventional attitude. 

Pisces- Soft and romantic

Pisceans are sensitive, emotional and creative. Red, pink, light green, lavender are the ones that express their romantic nature. 

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