Include Cucumber in your skincare routine for 'Goldern Glow'

Jul 30 2020 06:15 PM
Include Cucumber in your skincare routine for 'Goldern Glow'

As soon as the week is over, you do yourself a favour to improve your skin and try some new home remedies. Here is an easy remedy that is quite simple and is the first choice for many people. You can make cucumber face mask at home. So let's know how you can make it.

* First whip half the cucumber until it becomes a paste of water.

*After this, pour this paste through a sieve to get rid of any solid bits including seeds and to make it more consistent.

* Now all you have to do is apply the paste on your face. Then wash it. Apply the mask on the face for fifteen minutes.

*Once done, wash face with luke-warm water and pat it dry.

*You can also add two big spoon aloe vera gel in the cucumber mixture before applying on the face.

The first thing Cucumber Face Pack does is that it hydrates the skin. So, it can be especially helpful for those who have the problem of dry skin. It is also known to reduce puffiness on the face and especially around the eyes. Applying this mask in the day and it will improve your skin and rejuvenate it.

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