Now you can also find out amount of carbon footprint generated every day

Feb 26 2021 03:50 PM
Now you can also find out amount of carbon footprint generated every day

New Delhi: Shortly before, the Chandigarh administration has launched a mobile application named 'Carbon Watch'. The purpose of this will be to make people aware of the carbon footprint and to assess the carbon footprint of a person. Through this app, you can know how much carbon footprint a person can generate every day. 'Carbon Watch' is India's first mobile application that helps consumers understand their individual carbon footprint. In this app, information is being given about how much carbon footprint is being generated based on water consumption, transport, energy, and waste.

What is Carbon Footprint: If you give details like the amount of water you consume every month in the app, then it is giving you a score of between 0 and 10 for your carbon footprint. The carbon dioxide generated by the cause of your activities is called its carbon footprint.

'Carbon Watch' App is available on Google Play Store: We can tell that you can download the 'Carbon Watch' app from Google Play Store on mobile phones. The Apple consumer will have to wait a bit for it to be available on iOS. While signing up in the app, you will have to provide your phone number and your email address. However, the one-time-password is only to be given on your email ID to verify your identity. After you verify you can log into the app and start calculating your carbon footprint.

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