Know how pollution kills life?

A recent study found that many people have lost their lives due to air pollution, reducing air pollution, being infected with clean energy, can prevent premature deaths, the hospital admitted disease in the United States in the next 50 years.

How does pollution lead to life?
Particulate matter is the largest driver of premature death from air pollution: soot, black carbon and other particles from fossil fuels can go deeper into lung tissue when inhaled, leading to lung disease and cancer. The particles also dissolve in the bloodstream and move all over the body, entering the heart. "Stroke and heart attack are actually the bad results of particulate matter". It is estimated to be responsible for 250,000 premature deaths in the United States every year or 5 to 10 percent of premature deaths. Over time, more people will die from air pollution due to population growth, especially in cities.

The Clean Air Act passed by Congress in 1970 was aimed at reducing air pollution to improve human health. By controlling harmful emissions from the exit of power plants and trains, which cause heart disease, asthma and heart attack, the air quality improved and life expectancy increased. Policies to improve air quality also help birds. A recent study found that the Clean Air Act has reduced ozone pollution in the last 40 years to 1.5 billion birds rescued.

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