Learn how to manicure with hot oil
Learn how to manicure with hot oil

Have you ever done a hot oil manicure? Probably wouldn't have done. But today we're going to tell you how hot oil can manicure you and make your hands beautiful. If you don't hear about it, tell me that this is also a procedure for a manicure. Which is done with the help of hot oil. Which can help in better treatment of broken, dry and cuticle nails. This treatment can help you a lot if you want to take proper care of your hands to keep them beautiful and beautiful.

Find out how to manicure with hot oil -

1. To manicure this hot oil, you must first understand its process. For which first you take a bowl. Then start this process with fingers inserted into it.

2. Then you take any oil to your choice. For which most coconut oil is given more priority. But you can also take castor oil and almond oil if you want. You can also add vitamin E to it if you want.

3. Then heat the oil a little on a microwave or gas when you take it. But keep in mind that the oil is not too hot. For this, you should put your fingers in it for a while and check. Then put your hands in that bowl for a while and slowly massage your fingers, ankles and cuticles.
4. Then, when the massage is over, you should then wash your hands with hot water. Also, wipe the hands comfortably with the help of clean towels.

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