While worshipping keep your face in this direction
While worshipping keep your face in this direction

We all worship in our house in the morning. There is the importance of North-East direction, When Vastu was brought to earth, its top was in North-East direction, that is why this direction is considered to be the best. It is said that in this direction we get the holy rays of the sun which make the atmosphere positive. Not only this, but it is believed that the person facing the west is considered very auspicious.

For this, the door of the place of worship should be towards the east. If you wish, you can keep your face in the east direction while worshiping because it gives the best results. Along with this, the position of the lamp during worship should also be correct. The lamp of ghee should always be kept on the right and the oil lamp always on the left side. Apart from this, items like water, pot, should be kept on the left side. The student should worship by facing north and all the other people should worship facing towards the east.

North direction is said to be good for earning knowledge and east direction for wealth. It is said that facing the north and facing the idol of Lord Lakshmi or Sri Yantra, you should chant the mantra with a garland of rhinestones. You should chant at least 108 times.

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