After all, why 14 knots are tied on the day of Anant Chaturdashi, know whats its importance

New Delhi: Ganpati puja and Archana are performed for the entire ten days after Ganesh Chaturthi. Most people worship Ganapati by establishing them till Anant Chaudas or Anant Chaturdashi and then immersed. The day Bappa immerses is also known as the day to remember God. That is, Lord Vishnu is also worshipped on that day. The worshipers and men tie a special cord in their hands. This cord is also known as an infinite string. The specialty of this door is that it has fourteen knots tied to it, which have their own significance. So let's talk about this importance today.

The Secret of Fourteen Knots: There is a tradition of Haripujan on Anant Chaturdashi after which a thread with fourteen knots is tied in hand. Well, this puja is not celebrated like a festival. Yes, people who have been following and fulfilling this tradition from the beginning worship in their homes and tie nectar strings on their wrists. Fourteen knots tied in the door are said to be symbols of different folk. It is also said that the one who binds a fourteen-knot sutra by reciting worship by all rules for the entire fourteen years receives Vishnu Lok.

Rules of wearing infinite strings: Not only that but the rules of wearing these strings also vary. Usually, after the puja which is tied on the defense sutra hand. Other than that, this string is made only from silk. Which men tie on their right hand and women tie on the left hand. This string has to be tied only after worship. Those who tie infinite strings mostly fast throughout the day.

The mythological belief of Anant Chaudas Pujan: It is said that the practice of performing this fast and worship has been going on since the time of Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata, a gaming game took place between the Kaurava Pandavas. In which the Pandavas had lost everything.  Then Lord Krishna advised him to fast Anant Chaturdashi at that time and wear an infinite string.  Not only that, since then the fast of Anant Chaturdashi started being observed. With whose glory the Pandavas got everything back.

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