Know the importance of Rudra-Abhishek in Shiva pooja

Shivaji is also called Bholenath. it is said that he is very merciful and becomes grants the wishes of his devotees very soon. But above all, Rudrabhishek is very important in Shiva Puja, by doing so, all problems related to life are overcome. Today, we are going to tell you about the imortance of Rudrabhishek,

Rudra is also a name of Shiva. By doing RudraBhishek, all problems overcome from our lives. It even helps in recovering from eliminating any dangerous disease. Shiva's rudrhebhising always keeps your house in the house. In addition, all kinds of pleasures are also found.

Although Shivaji can be worshipped with ordinary water, but on special days, special flowers and milk used to abhishek shiva idol. On the days like Monday, Pradosha and Shivratri days people should worship with milk. Apart from this, separate abhishek using milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar i.e. with Panchamrta is also used to pray on special ocassions.

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