World Humanitarian Day today, know its history and importance

The celebration of World Humanitarian Day began in 2013 when the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) began celebrating the day in 2008. The aim was to provide due respect to the human workers who have devoted their entire lives to the service of human beings. This day is dedicated to servants of humanity who did not even care for their lives while serving humankind.

The day is celebrated on August 19 because the United Nations Headquarters was bombed in Baghdad in 2003. The bombing killed 22 other humanitarian employees, including Sergio Vira de Mello, the top UN envoy to Iraq. UN has declared this day as a reminder of the adventure of those who are sacrificed while serving humanity. According to Stephen O'Brien, head of UN humanitarian work, "It is a day to remember humanity and pay tribute to thousands of humanitarian aid workers around the world who risked their lives to provide life-saving help to those in need amid crisis and utter despair."

Let me tell you that on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day on 19th August, a rally is held for those who help others risking their lives. The aim of the rally is to highlight the deteriorating condition of human personnel all over the world and tell the world about their condition.

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