Know this rule before putting the tricolor on the car, otherwise it will be punished

New Delhi: As soon as the national festival arrives in India, the feeling of patriotism starts rising in everyone's mind. Especially on Republic Day and Independence Day, people are seen putting the tricolor flag on homes, cars, bikes etc. Some paint the tricolor flag on the body, while some express the feeling of patriotism by putting a badge on the chest. The same Republic Day is about to come again. In such a situation, many people would have bought to put the tricolor flag on their vehicles, but be careful before doing so. You can be punished for doing this, let's know its rules:-

Some special people can put the flag:-
Before Republic Day, tricolor flags are seen being sold in the market. Many people also buy them to put flags on vehicles, but by doing so you can be punished. According to the Flag Code of India, only certain persons have been given the right to put the flag on the vehicles, apart from this, if any other person puts the flag on the vehicle, then action can be taken against him.

There are some rules for setting the flag:-
The Indian Flag Code was created in the year 2002 to hoist the national flag. Under this, some special rules were made regarding hoisting the tricolor. In one of these rules, it was told who can put the flag on the vehicles. For this, they have been given special rights.

They have the right to put the tricolor:-
According to the rules, President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, Cabinet Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha and Deputy Speaker, Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, CM, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Chief Justice of India, Justice of High Court and foreign countries of India Only the President of the working commission and post can put the flag on the vehicles. Apart from these, putting a flag on a vehicle by any other person can lead to jail or fine.

Permission to hoist the tricolor on the houses got in the year 2004:-
Let us tell you that earlier it was not allowed to hoist the tricolor even on the houses. The tricolor could be hoisted only at government offices, departments and educational institutions. Naveen Jindal went to court against this. On his petition, in the year 2004, the Supreme Court allowed every Indian to hoist the flag.

The tricolor can also be hoisted at night with the conditions:-
Let us tell you that the tricolor could not be hoisted even in the first night. It is lowered with respect at sunset and then hoisted again at sunrise. At the same time, in December 2009, the Ministry of Home Affairs gave conditional approval to hoist the tricolor at night. According to the rules, if there is adequate lighting, then the tricolor can be hoisted even at night.

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