Know various unique uses of lip balm

Jan 06 2021 04:36 PM
Know various unique uses of lip balm

It is common during winters to use lip balm to soften your lips but today we are going to tell you about the unique other uses of lip balm.

1- Often the skin around your nails starts peeling, apply lip balm on them. This will keep the nails hydrated and the skin will also retain moisture. You will see that within 2 days your nails will be completely fine.

2- During winters, skin becomes dry, try lip balm to hydrate your skin and remove dryness.

3- You can also use lip balm for your crack heels.

4- You can also apply a little amount of lip balm to your eyebrow, it will look good and properly shaped.

5- You can also apply lip balm to your cheekbones to show the glow on your cheeks.

6 - Before wearing shoes or sandals, you can apply lip balm on your toes and heels. This will maintain your feet.

7-If the chain of jeans or anything is not working, you can apply a little lip balm then it will work properly.

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