What is Metaverse? For which 'Facebook' changed its name

Facebook has changed the name of its company. Facebook has renamed its company 'Meta.' It was already being discussed. Now the company does not want to be confined to social media alone. Facebook has rebranded itself to Metaverse new technology. Earlier, Facebook had announced that it would publish separate financial results for augmented and virtual reality. This will invest several billion rupees in its project Metaverse. The reason behind this is said to be the low advertising business of Facebook.

The same concept of Metaverse in technology and business is becoming very popular at a rapid pace. Metaverse is a very big term. Metaverse is the virtual world environment that people can access through the Internet. Many people also use the Metaverse word to tell the gaming world. Users have a character that can run and interact with other players like in the real world. There is also a specific type of Metaverse that uses blockchain technology. Users can buy virtual land and other digital assets from cryptocurrencies.

The same many science-fiction movies and books are made on virtual world environment or Metaverse. Most virtual space now looks like a video game instead of real life, but after it arrives, you will be able to take the feel of the real world into the virtual. fans of Metaverse consider it the next stage of internet development. Now people do it with each other online interaction portals like social media or messaging platforms. A new online space will be created from Metaverse. In this space, users will be able to interact with each other like in the real world. This allows you to go to the virtual world. Here you can talk to your friends or relatives and go for a walk with them. You can shop in it. You can buy your own house and car in Metaverse and use it just like the real world.

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