How To Store Fresh Coriander? Tips To Remember

Green coriander is commonly used to enhance the flavour and aroma of vegetables, however, the coriander can grow too cheerful and its leaves can decay even after being refrigerated. As a result, we don't use green coriander on a regular basis, therefore today we'll provide a specific recipe for keeping green coriander correct and fresh for a long time. You must pay attention to these details in order to do this.

To begin, take coriander and cut the sticks behind it with a knife, being careful not to wash it. Then, in an airtight box, place tissue paper under it and sprinkle the coriander on top. Then cover the coriander with tissue paper and shut the box.


Now that your coriander is completely safe, you may store it in the fridge. Coriander may be used in this unique method for several days. Green coriander may also be used to enhance the flavour of the vegetable on a daily basis.

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