Find out what is Yellow Fungus and what are its symptoms?
Find out what is Yellow Fungus and what are its symptoms?

The outbreak of the covid epidemic is now gradually decreasing, the infection rate is also decreasing. But after the post corona, other serious diseases have taken people to death. Yes, after the post corona, black fungus disease was first reported. This has been followed by White Fungus disease and now Yellow Fungus disease. According to reports, the disease is said to be more deadly than white and black fungus. So let's know how to identify this disease, whether it has symptoms or whether it is possible to treat it

What are the symptoms of Yellow Fungus?

- Loss of appetite or loss of appetite
- Lethargy
- Weight loss
- Getting inside the eyes
- Slow healing of the wound
- Sudden stopping of functioning of organs

Why is Yellow Fungus Deadly?: It has been revealed that the disease grows inside the body. The symptoms of which are also normal. It is also proving dangerous due to delay in identifying symptoms. It is very important to start treatment as soon as symptoms appear. It can slowly damage all organs in your body.

The same reason for this fungus is dirt and moisture. Keep cleanliness around your house. Do not keep moisture in the vicinity at all to prevent fungus. Throw the old things out of the fridge. Cleanliness - Take full care of cleanliness.

Treatment of Yellow Fungus Prevention:-

Drink plenty of water
Keep Immunity Strong
Don't keep any dirt around
There is no moisture in the house
Eat fresh food, don't eat stale food

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