How long will the school be closed?

Mumbai: Corona cases are on the rise in India. The third wave of Corona has arrived and according to experts, the peak of the third wave is also going on. In such a situation, keeping in mind the safety of the students, most of the states have closed the schools and online classes are being conducted. The vaccination programme in schools is also going on at a fast pace. Meanwhile, each state has taken a decision to open or close schools in view of the situation of corona cases in their respective states. You know what is the preparation for opening schools in these states.

Delhi:- The vaccination programme in Delhi is going on at a fast pace and 85 per cent of the children have been vaccinated. Corona cases have also come down here. In such a situation, there is a possibility that order will come soon to open the school. At present, schools are closed here, probably after 100 per cent vaccination, schools will be opened.

Maharashtra:- Schools from class 1 to class 12 have been opened in Maharashtra from January 24. However, in districts where the rate of infection is high, the decision to open schools has been left to the local administration. Corona rules are being fully followed in schools.

Uttar Pradesh:- In view of the corona situation in UP, schools have been closed till February 15. There will be online classes but no physical classes.

Bihar:- In view of the rising corona cases in Bihar, the government there has closed the schools till February 06. Schools will open when things get better.

Punjab and Haryana:- In Punjab, all schools and colleges are closed till January 25. There are online classes here. In Haryana too, everything has been closed till January 26. Schools can be opened at both places if the situation becomes normal.

Rajasthan:- In Rajasthan also, in view of the rising cases of Corona, schools have been closed till January 30. There are also online classes going on here. Further decisions will be taken in view of corona cases.

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