Know who is Kanye West's mystery girl

American rapper Kanye West has been in the news since his separation from his wife Kim Kardashian. While there were reports that Kanye was requesting Kim to let him return to a woollen life, there were also reports that Kanye was seen dating Julia Fox (Julia Fox). She has also appeared with a mystery girl on New Year's Eve. Julia has now confirmed that she is in a relationship with Kanye West and that there is a romance between the two.

Julia Fox and Kanye West have been seen dating each other. This was publicly stated by Julia Fox herself in a midst of a testimony. The 31-year-old actress has discussed every aspect of her relationship in her testimony to a magazine. When did they both meet, when did they date what was the experience of that date? Fox has opened up about its current life and the importance of Kanye in it. Julia has called the first date with Kanye very special.

The first meeting on New Year's Eve: Fox continued, saying they met each other at the New Year's Evening party. It was only after the two met that the two started making a great connection. He has said that his energy is very effective. It's fun to be around them. They made me and my friend laugh and dance all night. We're going to keep smiling all night. We returned to New York to retain this energy to a party. These things julia fox said during a conversation with Just Jard that.

Fox tells First Date Cinderella Moment: According to media reports, Fox further mentioned his and Kanye's relationship and first date. He has said that the first date was very special to him. It was like cinderella moment for them. Kanye has also surprised him on the first date.  Let us tell you that Kanye and his ex-wife Kim have separated. The two are now spending their lives separately. For 6 years, the relationship between the two has now been broken. Though the legal process is still underway, the Hot Couple from Hollywood was making headlines for a long time for their relationships. Now both have made a new beginning.

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