Know who was 'Raja Mahendra Pratap'? In whose name a university is being built in Aligarh

New Delhi: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh had announced the opening of a state-level university in Aligarh exactly two years ago in the name of King Mahendra Pratap Singh. The Yogi government had announced in September 2019 that the state government would open a new university in the Aligarh district of the state. PM Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University in Aligarh on Tuesday, September 14 following the UP government's announcement. At Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University, the BJP says it is honoring the people of the country who were ignored by the rest of the governments.

Very few people know the king in Aligarh in whose name PM Modi is going to lay the foundation stone of the university today. King Mahendra Pratap Singh, who is from the Jat community, was born in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, in 1886. He was fond of studies since childhood, so he was educated a lot in his time, and he is said to have been an educated person in his locality at that time. Apart from being a freedom fighter, King Mahendra Pratap also worked as a writer and journalist. He became the king of the Mursan princely state of Hathras. You will be surprised to know that Mahendra Pratap Singh went to Afghanistan during World War I and formed India's first exiled government there. He also became the president of India's first exiled government in Afghanistan.

Mahendra Pratap Singh announced the first exiled government in Afghanistan on December 1, 1915. According to media reports, King Mahendra Pratap did exactly what Azad Hind Fauj founder Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose did in his life. From a work point of view, Mahendra Pratap and Netaji Bose had a lot in common. Though Netaji was a member of the Congress Party, Mahendra Pratap was not officially involved in Congress. King Mahendra Pratap Singh stayed out of India for nearly 32 years and tried hard at his own level to give the country independence. He sought help from Germany, Russia, and Japan for independence, but these countries did not help him.

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