Find out which is the best in Jio and Airtel's 5G network

Telecom companies Airtel and Reliance Jio have completed the 5G trial. At the same time, telecom companies are soon going to start 5G service across the country. Both Airtel and Jio companies are also claiming to get a strong 5G speed in the 5G trial. Not only this, Jio and Airtel are also working in a very different way. While airtel on one hand believes in non-standalone 5G networks, Jio is working on stand-alone 5G networks. There is a slight difference in the technology of the two. In such a situation, let's know how both of them work and which of them is the best?

What is a 5G non-stand-alone network: In simple terms, the network that needs a 4G network to stand out is called a non-stand-alone 5G network. It can connect the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) of the 4G LTE to the New Radio (NR) of the 5G Tower. The mean non-stand alone 5G tower completes the task on the EPC of 4G. And thus is also providing 5G connectivity.

What is a stand-alone 5G network: Stand-alone 5G network does not work with 4G networks in any way. That means the tower of 5G is based on the EPC of 5G. It is a 5G network completely different from 4G. It costs more to develop it.

Who is the best among Airtel and Jio's 5G?: Both stand-alone and non-stand-alone networks are the best. Jio is also working to spend directly on stand-alone networks. While Airtel is engaged in developing the non-stand-alone network first and will later shift to a stand-alone network, Airtel has already spent a lot on 4G networks. A stand-alone 5G network is essential for technology such as a live operation, smart city, driverless. But by the time technology, like the driveless car is about to be implemented in India, Aitel could shift to a fully stand-alone network. In such a situation, both networks are the best.

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