Today is world 'Boyfriend's Day,' know its Purpose and history

All our relationships that live in the world have their own significance. Therefore, there are different types of days all over the world. Friendship Day, Sisters' Day, as well as Mother's Day, we celebrate many such days and try to embrace or respect that relationship. But very few people know that 'Boyfriend's Day' is also there.

National Boyfriend's Day is celebrated on 3rd October every year. On this day, girls express their respect for their boyfriends. On this day they are made to realise that they are very important in their lives. Let's know the important things related to 'Boyfriend's Day'...

When 'Boyfriend's Day' started:-
This day is a very special day for any boy as on this day they come to know how much his lover knows and loves him and how much they matter in their lives. It started on the internet in 2014 but in March 2016 thousands of tweets were done for it with the help of the internet and since then boyfriend day started being celebrated every year. This day is completely started due to the Internet.

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