Know why doing oral sex during pregnancy is good?

Oct 10 2017 04:50 PM
Know why doing oral sex during pregnancy is good?

According to the experts, the study reveals that having oral sex majorly in the third stage of pregnancy will increase the risk of a pregnant woman contracting genital herpes and passing on STDs to their children.  All the changes that occur in the pregnant woman body so, it is not easy to have intimate especially in the third trimester. If you give a thought to an oral sex it can be a good choice. There were several numbers of research papers submitted around the world in the month of September suggested that having oral sex,  in the third trimester, could put women at risk of contracting STIs, such as genital herpes and others. A major contributing factor is the weakened immune system of pregnant women.

One of the Dr Rajshekhar Brahmbhatt, consultant in sexual medicine (sexology) and marriage counsellor at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital,  who hails from Mumbai has said that  “In oral sex, semen and vaginal fluid comes into contact with the surface of the mouth. There are chances that the mouth of either partner may be affected with infections like cold sores and bleeding gums. Protection should be used by either partner while performing oral sex.”

whereas Brahmbhatt's advice on the oral sex is while having oral sex during the time of pregnancy is to perform sex in comfortable positions, it can be in kneeling or while sitting. “Abstinence is not recommended during pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy is safe (though it should be avoided during the last month of pregnancy) and both partners can enjoy through non-penetrative ways.”

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