Know Why Kairana by-polls are so important for BJP!

May 28 2018 01:34 PM
Know Why Kairana by-polls are so important for BJP!

 Uttar Pradesh is  witnessing one of it’s most crucial stages. The by-poll elections of Lok Sabha  held in the Kiaran constituency. Here is a list of things that you much know about the by-poll scenario:
1.The Opposition has formed an alliance against BJP, this scenario will prove only one of the two, either the alliance will prove that they can stand united or BJP will prove that they are the rulers of Uttar Pradesh.
 2. BJP seems to be more in loss after the death of Hukum Singh who gathered more votes than anybody in 2014 but this year the ticket is held in the name of his daughter Mriganka Singh.
3. The opposition has Begam Tabassum Hasan standing from their side which is supported by  Congress, Samajwadi party and Nishad party altogether.
4.It is not yet official that Bahujan Samaj party will favour them or not.

5. Tabassum also has a sad history, the sudden demise of his husband compelled her to join the politics back in 2008.

6.The results will be announced three days later, while the anti-BJP alliance is expecting to repeat the results of Gorakhpur andPhulpur.

7.BJP have high hopes that this time cards will turn.

8.The opposition got happy when Tabassum's brother in law quit the candidature because they were already afraid of the divided Muslim votes. 
9.In order to get the voting momentum back in their hands, BJP campaigned along with CM yogi Aditya Nath, creating the impact on people.
10. UP will witness by-polls of Noorpur , after Kairana among the 10 different states, all over India 

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