Know Your Digital Marketers, Achin Srivastava Is Renowned For A Vibrant Personality Besides Being A Businessman

Yes you read that right, readers are not usually expecting people to be mentally weak and intellectually advanced if they are a businessman. This is because a lot of effort goes into digital marketing and most of them are not expected to have other personality traits which do not necessarily contribute to their work. But here we are today, with the inspirational young man. 

Achin Srivastava is a Digital Marketer like no other. He has travelled India and a lot of the world, and has great regard to individuals belonging to different cultures. Being the perfectionist freak that he is, he always focuses on the details of his works. For example setting up websites, getting along with the clients in a different level and making deals that benefit both the client as well as the marketer, these mentioned activities take a great deal of planning and a greater deal of execution. One can never go wrong with such a focused marketer. He graduated with a degree in agricultural studies from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, technology and science. Why science, one must question from time to time, it is because he has always been inclined towards learning more about the technological and scientific advancements. Since he has always known his areas of interests, he decided to learn about them early on in life, beginning in 9th and 10th grade. It started off as a simple Internet search and transformed completely into a full on research. Soon after the graduation, Mr Srivastava started with CPA, working closely on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and also Instagram. It is said that a person's quality is recognised from a very young age.

Currently he is partnered as a business manager in gratify digital. Achin Srivastava focuses on a wide range of things too, for example his SEO projects with various clients like Hiht Institute, SKMI and SkratchDJ. His strengths and weaknesses set him apart. He can work fabulously under situations of great stress, challenging circumstances always manages to bring out the best of him. However, since he is a perfectionist, he finds himself helpless whenever the tiniest of details go wrong.  

Mr Srivastava gets along with all his clients. This speaks volumes about his ambitious and innovative personality, there is no doubt in that. A firm believer in good moral values and participation in social causes, Achin knows his way around life. At such a pace, he will have multiple opportunities opening up to him in the future too. Great minds with greater Qualities, Achin Srivastava has it all sorted.  

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