Known your Lucky colour for 2019

Feb 05 2019 07:30 PM
Known your Lucky colour for 2019

This year 2019 is the year of the ‘Dog’ as per Chinese Astrology, which is balanced with the element Earth (Vedic Astrology) this year, which makes it an auspicious time for many of us.


You guys are ruled by planet Mars, but as this year also sees Earth element up high, so it’s better to avoid Red color on auspicious occasions. Go for White, Lemon Green, or Emerald Green, instead, which would attract good fortune towards you.


Ruled by Venus, for you guys Apple Green, and Vermilion Red would bring in the much-needed sanctity into your life. Wear these on important occasions and see the positive changes barging in your life.


Associated with planet Mercury, for Geminians this year colors like White, and Light Grey, look promising. Going in for something in Green, every Wednesday can be fruitful.


Hovered by the influence of Moon, you zodiac will be deeply influenced by colors like Turquoise Blue and Carmine Red. Blindly go for anything either White, sea green or even light blue, on Mondays (if the above two seem impossible to manage).


Your personality is ruled by Lord Sun and it is obvious that fierce colors like White and Gold will bring you the best outcome this year. However, Copper, Light Green and White too will turnaround your life.


Deeply influenced by Mercury, colors Turquoise Green, and Cyan Blue, seem auspicious for your zodiac. If you wish to get desired results, then don the shades of Green, every Wednesday.


Known for their style, grace, and enigma, Librans are ruled by Venus and this coming year would see White, Green, and Blue, work wondrously in their favor. And, for that extra cherry on the cake, go for Cream or Off-white, every Friday.


The fiery Scorpions, it’s always either black or white, and nothing in grey, in life, but when it comes to looking for a color that would prove to auspicious for them this year, we advise to go for White or Prussian blue.


And, here comes Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, for whom nothing less than royalty would ever work. But this year, the earthy colors Khaki Green, Orange-Red could bring in good fortune. Yellow every Tuesday could escalate positive results.


Ruled by planet Saturn, Capricorns this year will have their good luck hidden in the colors Blue, Pine and Green. It would be lucky for you to wear any shade of Black, every Saturday.


For Aquarians, this year colors like Red, Apple Green, and Sky Blue would prove to be quite lucky. Wearing Violet or Midnight- Blue every Saturday could be beneficial.


For auspicious news throughout the year, you are advised to keep color Green as close to you as possible; or the various shades of it, either near you or best wear them. Every Thursday, wearing pale yellow will prove fruitful.

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