Kohli Stumps Ashwin on 'Captain's Nightmare' Question
Kohli Stumps Ashwin on 'Captain's Nightmare' Question

NEW DELHI: In a jaw-dropping revelation on the cricketing front, Virat Kohli left everyone in awe with his candid assessment of Rohit Sharma's prowess during a recent conversation with veteran spinner R Ashwin. Ashwin, who has been closely observing Team India's performance in the ongoing Asia Cup 2023, couldn't contain his admiration for the skipper Rohit Sharma's exceptional run in the tournament.

Rohit, initially grappling with the Pakistan pacers in India's tournament opener, made a remarkable comeback by notching up a sensational half-century against arch-rivals Pakistan in the Super Four clash. His scintillating form continued as he delivered another stellar performance, hammering 53 runs off 48 balls against Sri Lanka. This outstanding innings played a pivotal role in India clinching a low-scoring encounter by a convincing margin of 41 runs.

Rohit's sensational 53-run knock against Sri Lanka was the highlight of the match, making batting seem like a walk in the park, even on a challenging R Premadasa Stadium track in Colombo. Reflecting on Rohit's stellar performances in the Asia Cup 2023, Ashwin shared an intriguing anecdote during a video session on his YouTube channel.

During one of India's matches, Rohit was in full flow, launching a brutal assault on the opposition bowlers. Ashwin couldn't help but wonder how a bowler could possibly thwart Rohit when he was in such devastating form. It was in this moment that Kohli, ever the keen observer, posed a thought-provoking question to Ashwin. He inquired about who Ashwin believed to be the "captain's nightmare" during the death overs.

Ashwin, known for his astute cricketing acumen, promptly named former India captain MS Dhoni, widely recognized as one of the game's premier finishers. However, Kohli's response caught everyone off guard. He emphatically asserted that Rohit Sharma was the ultimate "captain's nightmare" during the death overs. The reason behind this choice was crystal clear: no one, not even seasoned bowlers, could fathom where to bowl to Rohit when he was in full flow.

Ashwin reminisced about this conversation, saying, "5-6 years back, Virat Kohli and I had a discussion while Rohit was batting. I don't remember which match it was. Seeing Rohit bat, I was thinking, 'Where do you even bowl to him?' If Rohit is set after 15-20 overs, you wouldn't know where to bowl to him. Virat asked me, 'Do you know who is a captain's nightmare at the death?' I asked, 'Is it Dhoni?' Kohli was like, 'No, it is Rohit.' When I asked him why, he said you won't know where to bowl."

Ashwin showered further accolades on Rohit, hailing him as a complete batsman who effortlessly makes batting appear like a fine art. With years of experience under his belt, Rohit Sharma has developed a vast arsenal of shots that can dismantle any bowling attack. Ashwin acknowledged that if Rohit continues to grace the crease until the 16th over in a T20 game, bowlers are left in a quandary, uncertain of where to pitch the ball.

"If Rohit Sharma is at the crease by the 16th over in a T20 match, where do you bowl? He has a wide array of shots in his repertoire, and there's one extraordinary innings he played in Chinnaswamy Stadium that Kohli can never forget. Rohit Sharma possesses all the shots, and he executes them with such elegance and ease," Ashwin declared with admiration.

In a cricketing world full of spectacular talents, Rohit Sharma's ability to confound bowlers, even in the pressure-cooker moments of the death overs, stands as a testament to his batting brilliance. Kohli's revelation has further solidified Rohit's reputation as a true maestro of the game, capable of leaving the opposition scratching their heads in sheer disbelief.

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