Scolded by the teacher, a student committed suicide

Aug 08 2019 02:17 PM
Scolded by the teacher, a student committed suicide

A recent crime case has surfaced from Koriya. According to reports, Saurabh Sen, a student studying in Class IX at Manendragarh Central School in Koriya district, lost his life on Wednesday. According to reports received in the case, the notebook of a particular subject was not completed as per the information received from the police. On the other hand, the teacher rebuked him and called his mother and sent the student home.

According to reports, her mother is a cook at a disabled school and her son came home alone and set himself on fire by pouring kerosene on him in the bathroom. The house of the deceased student was engulfed in fog. The student was the only son of his parents and friends of the student said that the teacher had scolded him for not completing the copy.

The classmates said that the deceased had once fled from the house because of his feelings that his parents did not appreciate. According to reports, the police have started an investigation into the case and the investigation is continuing and soon everything will be cleared. However, this case cannot be termed as the first such case as there are many cases that have come to light and have been shocked so far.

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