Kourtney Kardashian poses nude for magazine cover: ‘I like to be naked in my house’

Kourtney Kardashian poses nude for magazine cover: ‘I like to be naked in my house’

Posing nude on covers is not a new trend but what actually makes news is the concept behind it. The most recent to join the bandwagon is Kourtney Kardashian who stroke a nude posed for a magazine. In her proclamation, she stated that she is very much relaxed in her skin and likes being nude home and therefore has no worries of posing naked. Looking astonishing as ever, she stated that she is all for promoting encouraging body image. She during an interview with GQ Mexico said, "I am very comfortable in my own skin. I like to be naked in my house and I think it is important to show positive images of our body."

 She also added that for the same exercising is very imperative as it helps one stay healthy.

“Being a mother to me is the most important thing, because it's what my heart occupies. Then I would say exercising -- not only for my body, but because it does my mind a lot of good, relaxes me. In third place, my favorite activity is traveling because it feeds my soul, followed by nutrition.”

Communicating on a few more fitness lessons, she stated that she is no more strict on her diet. She then added that for her beautification, attractiveness comes later after being a mother and fashion comes at the end.

“I would put the decoration because it is where I express myself creatively. Then beauty, not so much from the point of view of makeup, but rather define it as 'self-care' -- do things to feel better, like a massage, for example. And in the end, it would be fashion -- which is my passion,” she was quoted by Pink Villa.

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