Kremlin denies reports of Xi Jinping's alleged refusal to visit Russia

MOSCOW: Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, has refuted media reports that said Chinese President Xi Jinping declined an invitation to visit Russia.

"That is untrue. This is untrue in every way. Certain Covid restrictions are still in place in China, which is a fact that should be accepted with understanding "Russian Times cited Peskov's statement. Naturally, all visits will be made as long as the restrictions have been relaxed, he added.

In response to Vladimir Putin's offer, the Chinese President reportedly declined to visit Moscow, according to earlier media reports. As per reports, on June 15, the Russian president welcomed Xi over the phone.

According to Peskov, the country's Ministry of Defence has its own preparations in relation to the beginning of the process for Finland and Sweden's NATO membership. "Such alternatives are being developed in the Ministry, not the Kremlin. We have previously stated numerous times that pertinent plans exist and that efforts are being made to safeguard our security "Peskov declared.

Thus, he provided an answer to the queries of whether Moscow is examining the possibility of putting a NATO base on the Russian border and what Moscow could do in response.

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