Krishna Abhishek got angry after listening to some things of Govinda, the comedian opened this big secret

The feud between famous comedian Krishna Abhishek and actor Govinda and the slight bitterness of the relationship is not hidden from anyone. The dispute between the two is not taking the name of lessening. This uncle-nephew pair is making every effort to clear the misunderstanding between them. In a recent interview, Krishna Abhishek expressed his wish and said that I hope that the distance with Mama ends soon. The same Krishna Abhishek said that Mama Govinda said such things, which made me angry after hearing that, because after all we are not a family.

The distance between Krishna and Govinda is from the year 2016. Actually, the matter escalated when Krushna Abhishek was dropped from an episode of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' because Govinda and his wife Sunita were going to come in it. Sunita spoke many things in the show. Since then, there is a war of words between Sunita and Krushna Abhishek's wife Kashmera Shah. Both of them are seen speaking many things to each other in interviews.

Recently, in one of his interviews, Krushna Abhishek said that Distance born with Mama Govinda is not a public stunt nor can it be a comedy for people. The things that exist are real. Krishna says why would I need such publicity? I do not want. Mama Govinda is a bigger star than me. We both do not want any controversy in our life. It can be frightening for both of us. Sometimes things go out of our hands. I must admit that I was angry and saddened to hear some of his statements. I answered them and it became news. Since then, more distances started coming in our relationship. I believe that I am like his son. I can be upset about some things, but I know we are a family.

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