Tearful farewell to the Queen of Arts
Tearful farewell to the Queen of Arts

Anakapalli: The famous Kuchipudi dancer and Padma Shri awardee Dr. Shobhanaidu died on Tuesday midnight. She was born in Anakapalli, who gained fans with her dance around the world. Her mother Sarojani Devi, a professional teacher, was born in 1956 to Venkata Naidu. Sobhanaidu is a child of the mother who is growing up in Kuchipudi dance. When you are sleeping in the swing Sarojani Devi noticed the movementof Shobhanaidu's legs and hands. Only then, sobhanaidu wanted to teach dance. For this, she has fought a big war with her family. Sobhanaidu said in an interview. This name is the status of the mother. At the age of three, the family moved to Rajahmundry. From the age of four, the mother focused on training Sobhanaidu in Kuchipudi.

Her gestures in the dance, the mother of the mother Chennai's China Vempati Satyam was sent to training to make it better. Family members have expressed objections to the girl's distance Sarojini Devi did not hesitate. He recognized the talent in his daughter and encouraged him. There is no doubt that the inspiration given by the mother has taken Shobhanayadri to this level. Sobhanaidu, who started performing at 12 years, has impressed the audience with his performance in Satyabhama, Padmavathi and Chandalika. Everyone was enchanted by her versatility. Sobhanaidu, who has won many awards and dance performances in various countries, has been in the minds of Kuchipudi artists.

State Tourism Minister Muthamshetty Srinivasa Rao expressed shock at the death of Padma Shri awardee Shobhanaidu. She was very sad to die of illness. Shobhanaidu expressed his deep esteem to the family members. Kalamatali kissing baby, Kuchipudi dancer Shobhanaidu is very inspiring to us. We can't digest that she is no more. When.. They were invited to any event.

Kalasamithi gave her precious message to the children and inspired. Her hard work and effort to bring the endangered art dances to life is unforgettable. Sobhanaidu's death in Anakapalli is a deficient deficiency for Kuchipudi dance. Sobhanaidu, who trained at Chinavempati Satyam, is world famous. Sobhanaidu started the company in Hyderabad with the name of Kuchipudi Arts School and trained many people.

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