Kumar Puneet :The Young entrepreneur from Uttarpradesh



As said by the greatest brain of our nation, Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam,dreams are not what you see in sleep , but are those  which doesn't let you sleep.But just dreaming, sitting at a corner is not sufficient, but one has to put some efforts also. Passion doesn't demands age, the only thing that it demands is your determination, your will power and your love towards your work. Today,we gonna talk about a perfect illustration of the above fact, meet the 19 year old ,young digital entrepreneur ,Puneet Kumar from Babrala,Uttar Pradesh.From his early childhood, he was fond of technical things and soon his love for tech things increased in a terrific way and he decided to pursue his passion as his career. When kids of his age were still stuck at their school curriculum, he was way ahead of them and had already got mastered in digital things.

He had been always a man of self sustainace and always wanted to generate his own source of income rather than becoming a load to his parents.By his strong determination,he transformed the so called time ruining source to a money earning machine.And when he stepped into the digital industry, initially things were not in his favour,no matter with how creative and how innovative content he came,everytime he remained unrecognized. But quitting wasn't a word in the dictionary of this prodigy, and it was his consistency and his love to this digital game, that today he has built his own Instagram agency where, he is providing mentorship to the new upcoming talent in the industry. 

He has a strong network of 500k+ over the web and has clients from local to international level.Even having such an ample number of achievements at such a young age,he is a humble guy who always treated his team like a family.Even with such a busy schedule, he still somehow manages time  to interact with people and always says ,that it's the interaction with people that gives him new ideas and new strategies. One can easily be part of his family by connecting with him on his Instagram @_kumarpuneet.

Initially there is always a labyrinth of complications during the genesis of any work,but it's all upto us,how to deal the situations and emerge as a warrior.Puneet always supported by his family, faced each challenge with a smile on his face and built his own digital empire.Never afraid of people's loose talks,Puneet always focused on his work.It was his strong concentration that always led to an out of box content. 

His only vision his to build a nation ,full of young intellectuals and strengthening them digitally to rise up and be the future entrepreneurs of the world.But it's just a trailer, he is coming with some mind blowing projects and will keep on entertaining us with his brilliant and astonishing content. He is an inspiration to the youth and gives them a great message of working hard.Because it is the hardwork, at the end of the day that pays off.

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