Know 6 Benefits Of Bathing in Ganga At Haridwar Kumbh

Jan 26 2021 05:36 PM
Know 6 Benefits Of Bathing in Ganga At Haridwar Kumbh

The Kumbh Mela is going to be held at Haridwar in 2021 this year. It is considered to be the most beneficial to bathe in the Kumbh days along the Ganges. The Kumbh is going to be held from February to April in 2021 this year. In addition to shahi bathing at Kumbh, there are baths on certain dates which are considered to be very important. However, the Kumbh Mela will start from the Shahi bathing of March, but the importance of bathing has started from 14th January. Today, we are going to tell you 6 benefits of Ganga bathing and Pujan at Haridwar Kumbh.

1. All the pilgrimages of Hindus are inhabited on rivers and river Ganga is the most important. It is like a goddess for Hindus. Due to this, Ganga bathing is of great importance to Hindus.

2. The Ganges is said to be associated with both life and death and without it Hindu rites are incomplete. Gangajal nectar is the same for Hindus and that is why bathing is of great importance.

3. Many festivals are directly related to the Ganges. The list includes Makar Sankranti, Maui Amavasya, Vasant Panchami, Poornima, Amavasya, Mahashivratri and Ganga Dussehra. During all these, it is important to bathe, worship, donate and darshan in Ganga.

4. Ganga Pujan and Bath are said to be prosperity and fame. In addition, all sins are also destroyed. It is said that many devotional texts of Gangaji have been written in which Srigangasasaramnamstotaram and Ganga Aarti are very popular.

5. There is a belief that Ganga pujan gets rid of those who suffer from all defects.

6. It is also believed that bathing in the Ganges completely eliminates the influence of the unlucky planets.

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