Kundali Bhagya' fame 'Prithvi' got married, many stars of the serial reached the wedding, see pictures

Sanjay Gaganani (Sanjay Gagnani), who portrays Prithvi in the popular television serial 'Kundli Bhagya' (Kundali Bhagya), is married. Her wedding images have now surfaced, and she is married to her fiance Poonam Preet (Poonam Preet). You're probably aware that Poonam Preet is also a TV actor who has been in a number of series. When it comes to weddings, Sanjay Gaganani's wedding was attended by various 'Kundli Bhagya' celebrities. Anjum Fakih, who uploaded numerous photos from Sanjay and Poonam's wedding on Instagram, was also on the list. In these photos, a number of characters from the series may be seen.

Anjum Fakih also shared a number of wedding photos on the Instagram storey section. Sanjay wore an off white sherwani to the wedding, while Poonam wore a marun lehenga. During this period, they both appeared to be in good shape. The images of the wedding in the gurudwara are available to view. The wedding photos of Sanjay Gagwani and Poonam Preet have gone popular on social media, and people are adoring them.

'Happy wedding to both of you, wishing you both a lifetime of togetherness and loving them without any filters,' Anjum Fakih said in the caption of an Instagram post congratulating the couple on their wedding. a lot of love Sanjay Gagwani and Poonam Preet had been together for a long time. The couple got engaged in February 2018 and had been planning a wedding for a long time, but it was cancelled due to a corona illness. The two, on the other hand, have now tied the knot.

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