Kundali Bhagya written update: Rishabh love confession to Preeta

Oct 18 2017 04:46 PM
Kundali Bhagya written update: Rishabh  love confession to Preeta

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, it all begins with Karan leaving Preeta's house. She comes to drop him outside. Preeta says that since his shoulder is injured, she wants him to take rest. Preeta apologises for her rude behaviour. Karan forgives her. After that, Preeta thinks of Karan how he lovingly troubles her and she gets engrossed in his dreams. Further, Preeta and Srishti talk to each other. Karan decides to wear something special for Karwa Chauth. Rishabh decides to confess his feelings to Preeta. Karan is all decked up.

Rishab and Karan are about to leave the house when Rakhi stops them asking where they are up to. Karan says he is going to Preeta's house but decides not to tell Rishabh. Rishabh makes up an excuse saying that he had something important in the office. Karan gets shocked to hear when Rakhi says that Sherlyn has observed a fast for Rishab. Karan says Sara invited him for help in some task. Rishabh gets irritated.

At Preeta's house, there is an argument between Sarla and Srishti. Sarla hurries to bring Preeta as soon as she hears the doorbell ring. But Janki goes to get Preeta interfering in between Sara's work. Srishti welcomes Karan as the groom while Janki introduces Preeta as the bride. Karan gets shocked while as Preeta blushes red. To Be Continued.

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