Lakhimpur Violence: Criminals to be exposed soon, police got 39 important videos

Lucknow: Police have found vital CCTV footage in connection with the violence that erupted in Tikunia in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh. After which it is believed that the investigation in the case will now be expedited. The police investigating the case is not only recording statements of witnesses but also collecting electronic shreds of evidence. According to the information, police have collected 39 pieces of video evidence. Which can do great help to the police in this case.

Several inquiry committees set up for the case are speeding up the gathering of electronic evidence. So that they can be produced in court. The Yogi government in the state has constituted an inquiry committee headed by DIG Upendra Agarwal in the Lakhimpur violence case and the committee is investigating every point. The committee is adding all the evidence one by one to list the evidence found on the spot separately. The committee is matching electronic evidence, witness statements and forensic/ballistic investigation reports. So that the culprits can be brought to justice by presenting strong evidence in the court. Not only that, but the committee is also verifying these shreds of evidence from the statements recorded by the accused.

In fact, after the arrest of Ashish Mishra, the Inquiry Committee has intensified the collection of evidence. In addition to viral videos on social media, the inquiry committee had appealed to people to provide video evidence. The committee had categorically stated that whoever provides evidence in the case. His identity will be kept secret and the impact is now visible. Because people who have videos. They are making available to the committee or the police. So the police have so far collected 39 videos.

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