The sun light for the roles of aunt
The sun light for the roles of aunt

Suryakantham died for about 25 years. Her great films came in for almost 50 years. Yet the Telugu people did not forget her name in their influence. I didn't take it off. This is the male world. He beats, scolds, and decides if he does not like him. But the woman did not. His anger, his anger, helplessness, and discontent are all to be paid to others. It makes the mouth a weapon. It is a personality trait. Mental state of mind. Those in this situation do not go away. So long as they are there, the name Suryakantham will not fade among the people. Because she is a model for the role.

Gundamma Katha' script work is underway. Author D.V. Narasaraju. Savitri' daughter, Savitri, should be suffering according to the story. Narasaraju asked, 'Do you want to write scenes that establish Gundamma Gayalita?' 'Why, Danda. The sun is doing the Gundamma. Suryakantham is the Gayali. Why establish again? Film waste, said Chakrapani. There are no scenes that hurt Gundamma Savitri in the film. But the audience thinks that she is hurting Savitri. Such is the image of the sun.

In 'Shanti Nivasam', Suryakantham is doing a lot of work like a uncle. Kantha Rao, the son of the son, was not in the room of the daughter-in-law Devika. Bala Saraswathi, who is the daughter of the daughter, is not sent to the attarinti, but burns the son-in-law Relangi. Relangi's name is Narasimha. But it is insulting by calling it 'beef lions'. Relangi went to Chittoor Nagaiah, the uncle, and said, 'Look, ma'am. Aunt says i am a beef lions. Nagayya looked at the sky and said to Vibhuti' 'Everything is the leila of the God. What do you tell me, my son? Suryakantham is at home and the husband is actually chittoor Nagaiah.

SV Ranga Rao, a lawyer in 'Good Minds', is Suryakantham's wife. Akkineni is lying that he is married and rents the house. The house of the house's riot girl Savitri finds this and makes the thief telegram to the fun of akkineni's wife having a son. The sun is good news for the sun, and the sugar in the handhold of the husband, SVR, said, 'Nothing.' Once you open your mouth. SVR replied: 'I have ever opened my mouth before you.' SVR is also on the screen. But when the wife is Suryakanta, the cat.

The sunlight on the screen is friendly in real life. Donor. She is a lovely actress. A devotee. There are many instances of him who vow salute them in case of any danger. She cooked different materials for shooting and distributed it. Good cook. She was one of the first writers to publish the Telugu dishbook. Actor Gummadi said that she did not know her again in life like the pulihora. If he did not have children, he adopted his sister's son and treated him as his son.

In the last days, The Tirupati Women's University felt great that the 'Doctorate' was honored by The Sun. 'My name is Kanthamma' and she means SVR 'Suryakanthamma' in a film. That's what the name stands for. On December 18, 1994, she died in Chennai and ten people from the Telugu industry attended. It is the true ghenayata of the Telugu people for the great actress who has shown a lot of gallant ness on the screen.

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