Want to buy a diesel car? This is the right time!

In between the rising prices of diesel and petrol, if you are planning to buy a diesel car these days then this is the right occasion for you. From the media reports, we have come to know that diesel cars will become expensive soon. Recently, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recommended to increase the two-figure tax on diesel cars. If this recommendation is been agreed on the behalf of the Ministry, then the prices of all diesel vehicles will get increased by two percent. After this decision given by the Ministry, the sales of diesel cars will also be reduced to a large extent.

According to the auto expert, it is to believe that if you are buying a new car and your daily up-down is 50 kilometre, then for you the petrol engine will be a better option. At the same time, if you travel 50 to 100 kilometres daily, then the diesel car option will be right for you. According to sources, if the suggestion of the ministry is accepted, then the price of Maruti Swift VDI in diesel vehicles will be increased to Rs 13,000 and the cost of Octavia will take a flight up to Rs 40,000. In such a case, if you are planning to buy a diesel car these days then this time may prove to be a perfect time for you because, after few days, the prices of these vehicles can be increased by 2%.

Experts believe that after the de-regulating prices of petrol and diesel, the difference between both of them is continuously decreasing. The prices of petrol and diesel are just 10 rupees per litre in four major metros of the country.

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