Driver's are using fake license, fines increased 10 times
Driver's are using fake license, fines increased 10 times

In Parliament, Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that nearly 30% of driving licences in India are fake. He gave an update making a pitch for the proposed Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill. They have termed the existing system of fines and licensing as useless for violation of traffic rules. Nitin Gadkari said that it is easiest to get a driving licence in India and in most cases the picture of the licensee does not match the picture in the licence.

However, due to sluggish rules, no motorist with a fake license cares about such things. Not only that, people don't hesitate to break traffic because they don't have any problems with an invoice of Rs 50 to Rs 100.

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According to a recent statement by Nitin Gadkari, about 1.50 lakh people die in road accidents in the country every year. He said it was his biggest failure that the amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act could not be passed in the House after the last four years of the attempt. Nitin Gadkari cited the figures and said that the government has been able to reduce 3 to 4% of road accidents in the country after all efforts, but Tamil Nadu has been reduced by 15 per cent. Now the government is trying to adopt the Tamil Nadu model.

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The penalty under the new Act will increase by at least 10 times. Under the new bill, driving with a fake licence will attract a fine of Rs 5,000 instead of Rs 500 under the existing norms. Bad driving and mobile phone use will attract a fine of Rs 5,000 instead of Rs 5,000. Drunken drivers will now have to pay up to Rs 10,000 instead of Rs 2,000. Under the new MV Act, fines for dangerous driving on public roads will be increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000. Taw is.

More than 50% of licence tests failed

For your information, the automatic licensing system was introduced in Delhi, the capital of India. According to a media report, more than 50% of applicants have failed the automatic license test. The Indian licensing system is one of the easiest in the world. Many international magazines have also highlighted this.


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