In-laws tortures daughter-in-law for dowry

Jun 24 2020 04:40 PM
In-laws tortures daughter-in-law for dowry

The crime case that has come up recently will shake you up. This matter is from Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh. Where dowry greed has embarrassed humanity. After knowing about this matter, you will be shocked. In-laws here used to harass the married girl by feeding her sleeping pills and take out blood through injection from her body as the four-wheeler was not found in the dowry.

Recently, the married woman came to Kotwali and narrated her painful story to the police. The girl has also shown marks of injection on the body. According to the news received in this case, the police too was stunned to see the wounds of the married woman's body and on the complaint of the married woman, the police registered a case and started investigating the case. In this case, the victim said in her statement that Deshraj, a resident of Aba Kuan village of Kaushambi Kotwali area, married his daughter Preeti on 19 November 2019 with Rajesh son of Nizampur Naugira, Dashrath Lal.

All the dowry items were given according to their capacity in marriage and even the in-laws used to harass Preeti by demanding a four-wheeler in dowry. On June 19, Preeti's mother and her brother went to call her, the in-laws gathered their relatives and threatened to kill them all. In this case, Preeti somehow reached home, saying that her in-laws used to forcefully feed her sleeping pills and extracted blood from her body by injection. Now investigation has been started in this case by filing a case against the victim's Tahrir against 6 people including her husband.

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