These countries have unco 'laws about sex'

Jan 31 2017 01:28 PM
These countries have unco 'laws about sex'

Many countries in the world have unusual laws about sex, some laws state that bride's mother should be in the room while the couple will have a sex, whereas other laws state punishment to death if a person found masturbating.

Let's read some of the weird laws of sex:

Merrillville Missouri: Women in Merrillville are not allowed to wear the corsage, as these people believe that their breasts are the main beauty of their body, which shouldn't be hidden.

Colombia: Colombian people have a rule that while the couple will have the sex after marriage, bride's mother should be present in a room.

Bakersfield, California: This law is somewhat superstitious, people in California have to follow a rule, which states, " a person should wear condom while having sex with a ghost because giving birth to a demon's child is considered as an unfortunate"

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Indonesia: Indonesian Country have a rule that, if a person found to masturbating himself will be surely punished to death.

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