Lawyers in Indore came forward to ban 'Azaan from loudspeaker'

Indore: Advocates in Indore, MP have drawn the attention of the administration to loudspeakers on mosques and the difficulties it causes. A memorandum in this regard has been submitted seeking a ban on the use of loudspeakers. It has been reported that these loudspeakers have been installed without any legal permission. The noise pollution caused by them is harmful and it causes a lot of problems to the common people.

On Monday (10 January 2022), 300 advocates have signed the memorandum submitted to the commissioner in this regard. It has been told that Indore is number one in India in terms of cleanliness. Now there is a need to make the city noise pollution-free. According to advocates, loudspeakers are chanted at loudspeakers several times a day from mosques in the densely populated areas of the city. Due to this common people have to face problems like cough. It is claimed that pollution is being done from mosques at a faster rate than the standards of noise.

Along with this, advocates say that Article 19 (1) A and Article 21 of the Constitution have been considered as a danger to life due to noise pollution. Apart from this, the protection of the environment has been mentioned in Article 51 A (G) as one of the fundamental duties of the individual. It also refers to the decision of the Kolkata High Court in the case of Maulana Mufti Sayeed vs Government of West Bengal, in which the High Court had said on the issue of noise pollution that every person has the right to follow his religion, but with this, he does not get the right to spread noise pollution. It has been told in the memorandum that under section 268 of IPC, the spread of noise pollution has been called public nuisance (public nuisance). A provision of punishment has also been made in section 290 of IPC. Under Section 135, the magistrate has the power to proceed in this case, but due to the commissionerate arrangement in Indore, its power is with the commissioner.

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