Leading orthopedic surgeon Dr Dilip Mehta offers reliable joint preservation treatment in Jaipur

Joint preservation surgery involves numerous procedures that help the joint regain functionality to avoid a joint replacement surgery or postpone the procedure. Dr Dilip Mehta offers consultations and performs joint replacement surgeries and joint preservation in Jaipur.

One of the best orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur Dr Dilip Mehta of Indus Jaipur Hospital states,' With modern joint preservation options, we can relieve the patient from pain and discomfort and preserve the joints to ensure movement and function well.'

Patients for joint preservation include those who complain of deformity of the joint's cartilage, constant and worsening joint pain, difficulty performing daily tasks and pain post arthroscopy procedure and/or previous joint replacement.

Damaged human joints restrict movement and functionality. They can also hamper normal living; hence, it is imperative to preserve and ensure the functionality of the joints of the human body. Therefore, early diagnosis and detection are essential. 

Dr Dilip Mehta is a highly experienced doctor practicing in Jaipur for nearly 15 years, specializing in shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee surgeries. He is an expert in performing hip joint, shoulder arthroscopy, joint reconstruction, and knee surgery. He is synonymous with his dedication to assisting patients in preserving their joint health by choosing suitable repair, restoration and reconstruction procedures and ensuring the joint's natural structure and health are retained. 

He attends to every patient through extensive diagnosis, ascertaining the cause of joint issues, and planning a treatment protocol, including orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation programs. 

He advises people to seek the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon early to prevent the need for artificial joint replacement. Untreated or damaged joints reduce the chance of returning or regaining their functionality, and that is where the joint replacement procedure is necessary. 

Joint preservation surgery is accomplished by combining arthroscopic or open techniques. In general, surgeons use arthroscopy alone to preserve joints. The surgeon inserts an arthroscope during arthroscopy, a minimally invasive or 'keyhole' operation. The surgeon can then evaluate and remedy the joint at once. Joint preservation is done through tiny incisions. 

This procedure treats various joint conditions such as chondral injury repair or restoration, joint resurfacing or reconstruction, bone alteration or realignment, transplantation or implantation and partial joint replacement.In joint preservation surgeries, only one or two sections of the joint are typically dealt. 

Joint preservation procedures vary according to the patient's age, health condition and requirements. In addition, the patient will require physiotherapy for better outcomes from the joint preservation surgery. Proper rehabilitation ensures the best results from joint preservation surgery. 

Jaipur's Dr Dilip Mehta is one of the leading and most experienced orthopedic surgeons who promote joint preservation surgery in the patient's best interests. He lists several benefits of the joint preservation surgery, including a minimally invasive procedure that causes minimal scarring and bleeding, implying less hospital say and quick recovery. 

The patient is relieved of joint pain, and they can use the joint normally—further, dedicated efforts to prevent its degeneration while attempting to extend its life. After joint preservations, the patient saves a great deal of money and trauma as the joint replacement surgery could be postponed or prevented entirely. 

About Dr Dilip Mehta

Dr Dilip Mehta is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Jaipur, with nearly 15+ years of experience and specializes in shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee surgeries. He has treated more than two million patients and performed 1000+ hip, shoulder and knee replacement surgeries. He has dedicated himself to advancing his skills in performing hip joint, joint reconstruction, shoulder arthroscopy and knee surgery.  Also, he is an expert in performing surgical procedures that help reduce post-operative pain and quick recovery of patients.

As the medical director and HOD at Indus Hospital, Jaipur, Dr Dilip Mehta focuses on joint preservation before recommending joint replacement. He is also synonymous with arthroplasty surgical procedures for joints in Jaipur.

Dr Dilip Mehta is available at Indus Jaipur Hospital and Pacific Medi Tower for consultations; his contact details are dilipgmehta@yahoo.com and +919983904061.

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