Learn about Ajit Doval These unheard stories

New Delhi: Pm Narendra Modi's advisor for India's national security Ajit Doval was born on this day. Ajit Doval is also popularly known as India's James Bond across the country, as he has spent his life for India, which lasted for years among enemies and kept giving intelligence to the army. According to the report, Doval has spent nearly forty years of his life in oblivion to protect India. Born on January 20, 1945 in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Doval's father's name is Gunanand Doval, himself a senior army officer. His elementary education took place at the Military School in Ajmer. In 1967, he graduated from Agra University with his first position in economics. Thereafter, he was preparing to become a IPS and became a IPS officer of kerala cadre in 1968. After spending four years in the police service, india's intelligence agency Intelligence Bureau joined the IB in 1972.

He was the fifth NSA of the Government of India and National Security Council Chairman Ajit Doval remained a spy in Pakistan for nearly 7 years. Because of this, he kept himself like a Muslim and did not allow anyone to even notice that he came from a Hindu family. There he acted like an undercover operative. As a result, he played an important role in gathering intelligence and terrorist activities for India. It was Ajit Doval who eliminated the possibility of hijacking Indian aircraft 15 times.

In June 1984, Operation Blue Star's Operation Black Thunder was carried out sometime to free the Golden Temple of Punjab from Khalistani supporters. In fact, about 4 years after Operation Blue Star, Khalistani supporters once again approached the Akal Takht of the Golden Temple. This was the time when India's current National Security Advisor Ajit Doval played a pivotal role. Due to this operation, Doval entered the temple in the guise of a rickshaw puller and gave it to the important Indian Army. Ajit Doval also played a key role in the release of 46 Indian nurses from the possession of ISIS terror.

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