Learn everything about Maa Annapurna Temple of Kashi

Kashi is a holy city that is one of the world's oldest cities. The Sanatan, Buddhist, and Jain faiths all have writings that describe this city. It was the first city of Lord Vishnu in the holy age, according to Sanatan religious traditions. The head of Brahmaji clung on Shiva's kartal when Lord Shiva became enraged and cut the fifth head from the ground. Despite Shiva's best attempts, Brahmaji's head adhered to Shiva's actions. Brahmaji's head was once severed from his deeds when Lord Shiva visited Kashi. Lord Shiva was set free from Brahma's killing at the time. Knowing this, Lord Shiva was pleased and expressed his desire to live in Kashi city, which he asked from Lord Vishnu.

Story of Mata Annapurna

According to mythology, there was once a food shortage on the earth. This sparked a worldwide outcry. In current times, experts predict that the planet will face a disaster in the near future. Tridev was worshipped by the inhabitants of the earth at the time, and they alerted him about the food crisis. Adishakti Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva came on the earth after that. Mother Parvati adopted the form of Annapurna and provided food to Lord Shiva after seeing the people living on the one-of-a-kind creation of nature miserable. Lord Shiva delivered the food to the inhabitants of the planet at the same moment. The grain was later employed in agriculture. Then the food apocalypse came to an end.

Mata Annapurna Temple

In Kashi, the city of Baba, there is Mata Annapurna Temple, which is located a short distance from Vishwanath Temple. This shrine is dedicated to Mata Annapurna. It is a religious belief that by worshipping Mother Annapurna every day, there would never be a scarcity of food in the family. The texts imply that food should be treated with respect and attention. Food should not be degraded even if it is forgotten. In addition, as much food as one desires should be offered. Food should never be discarded. Mother Annapurna is enraged because food is being thrown away. As a result, the house's Lakshmi vanishes, and poverty infiltrates the premises. Mata Annapurna appears in the kitchen in one of the temple's many distinctive pictures. At the same time, there are several statues in the courtyard.Among them there are many other deities including Maa Kali, Parvati, Shiva. Every year a large number of devotees visit the temple during Annakoot festival. At the same time, after the darshan of Baba Vishwanath every day, devotees definitely come to see this temple.

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