Inflation hits Kitchen, one lemon for Rs 10, green chillies cross 160/-
Inflation hits Kitchen, one lemon for Rs 10, green chillies cross 160/-

AHMEDABAD: Now lemon has also come in the grip of inflation. The price of a lemon in Delhi has gone up to Rs.10. The price of lemon has gone up to Rs 200 per kg in Rajkot, Gujarat. Let us tell you that a few days ago lemons were being sold in Gujarat at the rate of 50 to 60 rupees per kg. Whereas in Delhi till a few weeks ago, 3 lemons were being available for 10 rupees. A customer in Rajkot told that the price of lemon is touching Rs 200 per kg. Earlier it was being sold at the rate of around Rs 50-60 per kg. Prices This increase has affected the budget of our kitchen, don't know when these prices will come down.

In Gujarat, even about two weeks ago, the price of lemon had increased from Rs 80 to Rs 200 per kg. Similarly, the prices of chilli, ginger, tuar pods, cauliflower, garlic etc. had also increased. The price of green coriander was Rs 60 per kg in February, which had increased to Rs 100. With this, green chillies increased from Rs 60 per kg to Rs 160, and tuar pods reached Rs 120 from 60 per kg. At the same time, the price of cauliflower had increased from Rs 40 to Rs 80.

According to agricultural scientists, although the prices of lemons increase in summer, the biggest reason behind selling so expensive is the weather. Due to unseasonal rains and changes in weather, the lemon crop was affected, due to which the production got affected. Now due to an increase in demand for lemon in summer and a decrease in supply, its prices have increased. 

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