Lenovo announced a laptop with a flexible folding screen

May 18 2019 06:18 PM
Lenovo announced a laptop with a flexible folding screen

Lenovo is preparing to launch into mass production of laptops with a folding screen, by analogy with not too successful Samsung Galaxy Fold. A working prototype of the device was recently presented in New York, writes Engadget.

They don’t want to reveal all the features of a computer in the company - they are afraid of information leakage and industrial espionage. However, something about him is still known. The key feature is a folding display covering the entire internal surface of the device in the unfolded state. To implement the idea, the engineers had to completely abandon the keyboard. So in a sense, a laptop is a large tablet with a touch screen.

The computer is equipped with a 13.3-inch OLED-display, which is folded in half thanks to the patented hinges. At the same time, it bends in two places. The laptop itself is kept in the folded state due to magnetic locks. Also self-developed company.

You can use the laptop using various methods. The developer suggests using a special stylus for this, but a regular finger will do. For typing, you can use the on-screen keyboard, which "eats" about a third of the screen or connect third-party gadgets via Bluetooth.

There is no final decision regarding additional ports for connecting wired devices. But surely the company will build a couple of USB ports. It is also known that the laptop will be equipped with a mobile modem for connecting to the Internet via "air", and the device will work with an Intel processor.

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